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This is easily my favorite 24XX thing. It makes the system so clear and straightforward while opening it up as a universal framework in a way that's very inspiring.

Glad you liked it ^^

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I am SO happy with this.
Can be adapted to play any system with any skill/talent/proficiency setup.
Fuhgettaboudit, easy day.
Thank you so much for creating this!
This is the universal game adapter I've been looking for.

Glad you liked it :)!

the character sheet does'nt seem to be in the pdf...

Thanks for the heads up!

It was up there, I believe...well, it is now. Enjoy :)

I've been thinking about how to reconcile the use of traits (freeform-y words or phrases) and skills in 24XX (in a different way from how 2400 does), and you've managed to do it very elegantly!

Glad you liked it! :)


The "ADAPTING" section has a great explanation of how to run opponents in 24XX games generally.

Glad you liked it :)