Tweaks, formats and language

This is a big one folks.

4 changes since last version:

  • Done a few corrections on terms, prices, typos and items on the tables. Some tweaks on layout too (now using affinity, prior was using gdocs)
  • Replaced the mount table for a weirder and more useful one (prior assumed you could only ride a horse, silly me)
  • Just to facilitate the printing, now we have singles and spreads formats on the pdfs
  • Out of almost nowhere I decided to, bit by bit, start adding another languages to some of my games. First one was Muramasa and now is this one! Now available in brazilian portuguese.

That's all folks! Thanks!


18XX Outlaw v1.3 - ENG - Singles.pdf 6 MB
Jul 31, 2021
18XX Outlaw v1.3 - ENG - Spreads.pdf 6 MB
Jul 31, 2021
18XX Outlaw v1.3 - PT-BR - Spreads- A4.pdf 7 MB
Aug 01, 2021
18XX Outlaw v1.3 - PT-BR - Singles-A4.pdf 7 MB
Aug 01, 2021

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