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AT THE OLD WEST, YOU CAN'T BE PICKY: law is corrupt when not far between. Most riches are with the rich people and tend to keep going there. So I guess it’s only natural someone brings some balance to it, right? And the Lord is my witness that there sure are many pals available for that.

You are free people doing what you need to survive at this weird heated place. Some authorities call you gunslingers, mercenaries, robbers, killers. Others call you bounty hunters, bodyguards, vigilantes. But that is their opinion. The real question now is: which job are you fancying, next?

  • Use charms to protect yourself or control the harm
  • Create unique firearms and mounts
  • Face diverse jobs and pick which side you wanna be
  • Its the weird west out there, you never know what you gonna face!

OUTLAW is a 24XX microgame. See more at jasontocci.itch.io/2400 or make your own using the SRD

Written for the 2020  24XX Game Jam

Original art by BEEPLE (Mike Winkelmann).

OUTLAW is the second title of the 18XX series. Every event in that series occur roughly at the sime time period. In other words, they can be combined in a single scenario with characters from different games!


Get this game and 9 more for $10.00 USD
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18XX Outlaw v1.3 - PT-BR - Spreads- A4.pdf 7 MB

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Hey, nice work. I was thinking on making a weird west setting for 24XX myself, and you've already brought it to life so nicely. By the way, I got a free copy by mistake, then I purchased it.

I have a question about the Charms, where it says "breaks once per day", means it has one use per day?

Keep up the good work, cheers!

Glad you liked it!
It'll be revamped in the zine that blends all 18XX games in the same world.

Correct! I don't say use since 'break' kinda became that in the game vocabulary.
Charms break once a day if you want to just avoid the risk of the charm. It regenerates at the next day.

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Concept and text are good. Layout could be improved.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the feedback! There are some improvements down the road ;)