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In Bizarre Jolting Journeys you play as a team of USERS, individuals gifted with a BEAT, a physical manifestation of their soul. 

BEATS are inspired by music and they can grant the most absurd abilities you can think of.

In each game we play a group of USERs handling a problem, a milestone toward their greater goal. Maybe they are pursuing a criminal, maybe they are participating in a underground tournament, maybe they are trying run a heist an retire...

No matter what, other USERS will cross your path and the bizarre lingers everywhere.

This game runs on a super-condensed version of John Harper's Forged in the Dark system. You can play One-Shots or short campaigns. 

As a minimalist game, everything you need is spread among the DJ (GM) pamphlet and the Player pamphlet. DJs should read all, Players only need their pamphlets.

Thanks as well to Emanoel Melo's CBR+PNK and René Pier's Dash for further tweaking inspiration.


Get this game and 4 more for $6.00 USD
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