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If you like the Cypher System  and want a handy reference sheet

or if you want to learn more about it but rather have a more bite-size experience

or if you just want a more functional character sheet to play the system,

this is for you.

All main rules are here. If you know nothing else, you can just use this and wing the rest or add more rules if dim appropriate with the group.

The revamped character sheet also uses paperclips to handle pools instead of the constant write-erase.


Compatible with the Cypher System.

This product is an independent production and is not affiliated with Monte Cook Games, LLC. It is published under the Cypher System Open License, found at http://csol.montecookgames.com.

CYPHER SYSTEM and its logo are trademarks of Monte Cook Games, LLC in the U.S.A. and other countries. All Monte Cook Games characters and character names, and the distinctive likenesses thereof, are trademarks of Monte Cook Games, LLC. 
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AuthorDeep Light games
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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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d-cypher - character sheet.pdf 39 kB

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Very nice work ! I like a lot your intrigue generator. 

Parabens dum Francês que morou 2 anos no Brasil :)

Glad you liked it!


This looks wonderful, thanks so much! A question about the character sheet though, how to skills work? I don't think I see a spot for them to say if they are trained/specialized etc.

Hi There! Glad you liked it :)

Trained are -1 and Specialized are -2. Just add them on the Passive box.

Oi Diego!

Adorei as fichas! Você tem uma versão em português?

(1 edit)

Olá! Que bom que gostou!

Ainda sem PT-BR. Se tiver demanda eu traduzo :)

Deep Light Games, what does the minus number beside the Skills, Effort and Assets means like,

Skills (-2)

Efforts (-6)

Assets (-2)

What do the (-2), (-6) and (-2) mean?

Each one has a limited number of uses to lower the difficulty.

Skills can apply up to -2 difficulty, Efforts up to -6, Assets up to -2.

(1 edit)

Thank you so much for the clarification, Deep Light Games.

I love D-Cypher! I used it for the chassis of my First Responders game and it worked wonderfully.

Glad to know! Enjoy!

(1 edit) (+1)

Unbelievable. Deep Light Games just went and did it.

They make a concise, approachable straight to the point explanation of Cypher System. Truly an upgrade in every way.

My biggest respect to those mad lads and lassies in Deep Light Games.

I highly recommend D-Cypher if you want to try Cypher System, folks!