A downloadable OSR Bestiary

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Currently there are: 40 creatures

60 to be added.

  • All with black n white illustrations
  • All with lore, hooks and loot (system agnostic)
  • All with stats for 24XX, Into the Odd/Cairn, Knave and Troika!

Art by the amazing Felipe Faria, used with permission.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Does this support Knave 1e, or just 2e?

It should support both. 

Until the latest version, the monster stats guidances seems the same.

2E is adding more resources and options than really changing the ruleset itself.


correction suggestion: "Traits are things that may difficult things for you."
"Traits are things that add difficulty or complication."


"Obey it's creator command." should be "Obeys its creator's command."

"bloacks" should be "blocks"

"backstabb" should be "backstab"

"move in packs" should be "moves in packs"

"neighbhoors" and "neihgbours" should be either "neighbors" (US English) or "neighbours" (UK English)

"Tthe" should be "The"

"combustile" should be "combustible"

"Scracthed" should be "Scratched"

maybe replace "vicinities" with "environment", "environs", or "surroundings".

Oh! Thank you so much for the revisions!
I'll add them to release with the next 10 creatures.

This looks SO RAD! At this time, how many monsters are included?

Thanks! Currently there are 30! 70 will be added for a total of 100!

Is this no longer for sale?

Yes it is. I was changing some settings. Should be up now.


look so great! can we get this also in Pages PDF format?

(1 edit)

Sure! I was waiting to see how long would take to someone ask for it!

thanks so much! looks like page #28 'Oozern' is missing art?

Weird. Pages has no missing art for me.
But now that you mentioned, Spreads has 2 missing.

ah! it's only on the Spreads, Monster #20: Ignea Order

Thanks! I fixed at the last update!

Dang this is a great idea

Oh also, do you mean to have 100 available at $7?

(1 edit) (+1)

Glad you liked it!

Each sale adds a creature, to a max of 100 total.

If we reach that and you paid 7$, yeah, you'll have access to 100 :)

Edit: I noticed afterwards that there were 100 at the 7$ Tier instead of 10 ^^'


Very cool model for selling this - and I always love to see 24XX support!


Glad you liked it ^^