Tweaks, formats and language

This is a big one folks.

4 changes since last version:

  • Done a few corrections on terms, prices, typos and items on the tables. Some tweaks on layout too (now using affinity, prior was using gdocs)
  • At character choices, replaced the servant and jailor for the prisoner and the tamed
  • Just to facilitate the printing, now we have singles and spreads formats on the pdfs
  • Out of almost nowhere I decided to, bit by bit, start adding another languages to some of my games. Muramasa, Outlaw, Locker and now Night! Now available in brazilian portuguese.

That's all folks! Thanks!


18XX Night v1.3 - PT-BR - Singles-A4.pdf 9 MB
Aug 05, 2021
18XX Night v1.3 - PT-BR - Spreads- A4.pdf 11 MB
Aug 05, 2021
18XX Night v1.3 - ENG - Singles.pdf 9 MB
Aug 05, 2021
18XX Night v1.3 - ENG - Spreads.pdf 10 MB
Aug 05, 2021

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Changes sound great! Unfortunately the download link is still empty and says there is nothing available to download.

(1 edit)

That's so weird. The files are attached to the post... Removed and attached them again. If it still doesn't work maybe its a bug? I can see the files all right

Hm, that is odd. Another thing I noticed is that there is no purchase button on the main page for Night. I've purchased Muramasa as well and the purchase button still appears on the page. Maybe it's because I purchased Night before the $3 minimum? 

At first, it was PWYW. Maybe you acquired at that time?

FOUND IT! For some reason the hide file was ticked o.0

Aha! Yes, everything is working fine now. I'm glad it got solved. Thank you! 

There's no file...


FOUND IT! For some reason the hide file was ticked o.0