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THE LONGEST NIGHT BEGAN: After doing a terrible job persecuting the dark creatures, the religious order counts it’s bad deeds. Decided to do good through other hands, it supports the last force remaining, this one with no political biases.

You are an elite force of monster hunters tracking down the remaining corrupt creatures in a part of the world where the sun is a rare appearance. These abominations are the best of each's own kind. Walking into the night, can you be the light?

  • Mashup between Van Helsing, D-gray Man,  Hellsing
  • Face the Night Lords, each doning an abyssal title
  • Try to stay true to your virtue while making deals with unknown entities

NIGHT is a 24XX microgame. See more at jasontocci.itch.io/2400 or make your own using the SRD

Cover art by BEEPLE (Mike Winkelmann).

NIGHT is the fourth title of the 18XX series. Every event in that series occur roughly at the same time period. In other words, they can be combined in a single scenario with characters from different games!


Get this game and 9 more for $10.00 USD
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18XX Night v1.3 - PT-BR - Singles-A4.pdf 9 MB

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is there a 18xx bundle?

Not at the moment. 

I'm writing others for the series, maybe I'll create a bundle at the launch of those?

There is one now, in case you're interested :)


really loving your 18XX series! Not sure if it is intended, but the layout seems to spill over on the last pages in the 1.1 version.

Glad to hear it! (the you loving part)
Fixed the layout! Don't know why it happened though o.0